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Latest News

IKNL: Toename kanker en vooral huidkanker

News 4 days ago

Het aantal gevallen van kanker is in dertig jaar verdubbeld. Dit komt voor een deel door de vergrijzing. Bij huidkanker is vooral een toename te zien, aldus IKNL in een nieuwsbericht. Het jaarlijkse aantal mensen dat de diagnose kanker krijgt […]

Impact of acne relapses on quality of life and productivity

News 2 weeks ago

In a study of teenagers and adults suffering from acne who consulted their dermatologist, the acne relapse rate was 44 %, (39.9 %  of ≤20-year-olds and 53.3 percent of >20-year-olds). The Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology […]

Artificial skin could give superhuman perception

News 3 weeks ago

A new type of sensor could lead to artificial skin that someday helps burn victims ‘feel’ and safeguards the rest of us, University of Connecticut researchers suggest in a paper in Advanced Materials. Our skin’s ability to perceive pressure, heat, […]

Trends over time in antibiotic prescribing by dermatologists

News 1 month ago

This study by Barbieri of the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine, Philadelphia, and coauthors published in in JAMA Dermatology looked at trends over time in oral antibiotic prescribing by dermatologists using commercial insurance claims data for almost 986,000 […]

Investigational cream may help patients with AD

News 1 month ago
atopic dermatitis

A study published in the British Journal of Dermatology indicates that an investigational nonsteroidal topical cream (PAC-14028) may be effective for treating atopic dermatitis. AD is one of the most common inflammatory skin diseases. The trial involved a cream that blocks […]

Vuurwerk eist tientallen brandwondenslachtoffers

News 2 months ago

Gedurende de feestdagen – van zaterdag 22 december t/m woensdagochtend 2 januari – hebben 112 slachtoffers zich in de brandwondencentra in Groningen, Beverwijk of Rotterdam gemeld na een brandwondenongeval. Bijna 50% van het totaal aantal slachtoffers viel tijdens Oud & […]