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Latest News

Opioid prescribing for acute postoperative pain after cutaneous surgery

News 6 months ago

Background Little information is available to predict which patients require opioid analgesia following cutaneous surgery. When opioids are indicated, information regarding the optimal opioid agent selection and dosage is lacking. Objective To make recommendations for opioid prescription after cutaneous surgery. […]

IKNL: Toename kanker en vooral huidkanker

News 6 months ago

Het aantal gevallen van kanker is in dertig jaar verdubbeld. Dit komt voor een deel door de vergrijzing. Bij huidkanker is vooral een toename te zien, aldus IKNL in een nieuwsbericht. Het jaarlijkse aantal mensen dat de diagnose kanker krijgt […]

New Innovator Award: 2,8 million for skin microbiome research

News 6 months ago

Julia Oh, Ph.D., a Jackson Laboratory (JAX) assistant professor who explores the communities of microorganisms that live on the human skin, has received a special New Innovator Award of $2,835,000 from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to explore how […]

Impact of acne relapses on quality of life and productivity

News 7 months ago

In a study of teenagers and adults suffering from acne who consulted their dermatologist, the acne relapse rate was 44 %, (39.9 %  of ≤20-year-olds and 53.3 percent of >20-year-olds). The Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology […]